Permanent Eyeliner Dallas

Why Choose Permanent Eyeliner?

Permanent eyeliner is applied by implanting pigment into the eyelid, which will allow the color to stay in place without re-application on a daily basis. Once applied, you will be able to swim, exercise, and cry without worrying about it running down your face or smudging! Also, your morning routine will be that much easier because you won’t need to apply any eyeliner from now on.

Permanent eyeliner comes in two main styles. The first one is the tight line, which is when the pigment is added between the layers of eyelashes. The tight line is less dramatic and subtly gives the appearance of fuller lashes. The second is the eyeliner style, which is above the lash line and gives a more noticeable, dramatic look (think a cat-eye or winged look).

When deciding on a style, our artist will consider your facial features to determine how best to apply the eyeliner. Acclaim Brows Studio provides some of the best permanent eyeliner in Dallas.