Ombre powder is a permanent make up technique for clients who prefers fuller and defined result than Microblading hair strokes but still very soft and natural. Its done with a handheld small tattoo pen, sterilized needles and tools to deposit thousands of tiny dots of pigments into the upper layers of skin, gradually building up the color and defined shape . The tails of ombre powder brows are darker and fades into a light, misty fronts. These brows are smudge-proof, sweat-proof, and water-proof and it lasts up to 3 years.

  •  1st session: $450
  •  2nd session up 4-5 weeks after – $250

Touch up 12 months – $300
Touch up 13- 24 months – $450

  •  Swelling time: 3-7 days. Moderates swelling is gradually decrease daily up to 7 days then back to normal. Color is darken and shrink. Shape is swelling and tighten pull up. Two sides might slightly different to each other because of the tight muscle from fresh wound.
  •  Down time: scabbing and dry skin fall off happening from 3-7 days.
  •  Color is lightening up on 2nd and 3rd week after procedure is done.
  •  The final color shows on the last day of 4th week but will be lighten up 50% shade compared to right after the procedure.
  • Pain level: depends on pain tolerance of each person, from scale 1-10, discomfort is in range 2-4. Most of my clients sleep well during the procedure are performed so they experience not painful at all.
  •  Fading and Touch up needed: 1 1/2 years – 2 years to refresh color and nice shape maintaining.


Consultation done same day as procedure.
Non-Refundable deposit is required at booking. THIS FEE IS A NO SHOW WILL BE Charged.

On consultation day:

  • The brows artist will draw your brows shape that match your face feature, and you adjust the shape that fit your best interest.
  •  You choose the pigment color that match with your desire. We have variety color of choice.
  • The brows artist will discuss with you what style of brows (3D-microblading or Ombre style or 6D-microblading ombre style) match you best.
  •  The procedure goes after you are satisfied and approve the shape and color.

COST :$50