Founder of Acclaim Brows Studio, Penicillin started in the Beauty industry about seven years ago; Peni found her passion for beauty since she was just an adolescent in grade school. There she would pluck her classmate’s and friend’s eyebrows striving to provide them with perfect brows- little did she know she was on her way to start her career in professional permanent makeup.

Starting out as a manager of a plastic surgery practice in Arlington, Texas for ten years, Peni never think that one day she would do this job as a microblade or microblading artist. She decided to take her dream as a cosmetic surgery consultant to the next level and prepare herself with dedication and effort in the permanent makeup industry.

But since she started seven years ago, she got into this industry to raise women’s self-esteem and has been “obsessed” with brows and lives to “make women feel beautiful and sexy”. In 2016, Peni was introduced to the fascinating art of Microblading. This was like a dream come true, she immediately began her training in the art of Microblading and by 2017 she received her second certification as a Microblading artist. In 2018 she started training Ombre Brows, Powdered Brows. To this day Peni continues to maintain her skills as a high-level Permanent makeup Artist. This includes being certified in Phi-contour permanent makeup, eyeliner, and lips, tattoo removal. She holds six certifications in Microblading, Microshading, Advance Microblading Ombre Brows and Powdered Brows and as a proud makeup artist, her passion and love for this industry have helped her business grow. With most of her dreams accomplished through years, she has done over 2500 clients, fixed and turn client’s old tattoo into new shape, fresh color. Peni’s professional goal is to embrace natural beauty and boost confidence in each of her clients.